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St Louis Muay Thai Kickboxing

Muay Thai Kickboxing is considered the most effective of all the striking Martial Arts. In addition to a very effective method of self defense, it is also considered an effective weight loss activity.

This 1000 year old martial art system is world renowned for its simplicity and effectiveness. It is an art form which utilizes all of the body's natural weapons to create a devastating fighting style. In Kickboxing, hand techniques are similar to boxing, adding strikes with elbows and knees, and delivering low, powerful kicks.

St Louis Kickboxing Classes: Muay Thai Kickboxing

Welcome to Absolute Martial Arts in St. Louis. We have many different classes to fit one’s needs such as Muay Thai Kickboxing technique class, Kickboxing pad classes, flexibility classes, and sparring classes.

We also offer lessons in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), Karate, Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

Since our establishment, Absolute Martial Arts St. Louis has strived to provide high quality instruction, with a focus on a positive and safe learning environment. Our instructors understand that everyone has the desire to get in great shape, learn how to defend themselves, and at the same time avoid injury. Our workouts have a proven safety record that will enable students to train in a safe, fun, and controlled class setting.

We teach authentic Muay Thai Kickboxing. Absolute Martial Arts is the only school in St Louis that has trained and been certified under Grandmaster Toddy, who is respected all over the world as the authority in the art of Muay Thai Kickboxing. Our Muay Thai program is designed around Grandmaster Toddy’s Muay Thai International Association (MTIA) curriculum; an award-winning system of authentic Muay Thai!

Our proven Kickboxing program can help you feel more energized while helping you get into better shape, relieve stress, and more alert. Kickboxing can also empower you by giving you the confidence in knowing you could defend yourself or your family if necessary.

This class focuses on the fitness, technique, and conditioning aspect of Thai Boxing. It combines high intensity training drills, calisthenics, and pad drills. Students will learn to punch, elbow, clinch, knee, and kick. This provides a challenging workout and at the same time develops functional self defense.

One of the hardest parts of martial arts is starting your first class. Some people are worried to try martial arts for fear they will get hurt. That's why we teach every class in the safest manner possible. Since we work with students from all walks of life daily, we have developed an intelligent and respectful approach to training. Our environment is non-competitive, safe and challenging. Perfect for the adult seeking a fun and challenging workout.



Muscle and Fitness magazine rates kickboxing as the number one fat burner with over 800 calories burned in a class. 800 CALORIES!!


Did you ever notice how boxers have very toned bodies? They look like they spend hours lifting weights, when the truth is, they hardly lift any weights at all. That's the same look you'll get from Muay Thai Kickboxing . You'll get toned legs, a flat stomach, and a stronger body.


Our students tell us "stress relief" is one of the top reasons why they cannot get enough Kickboxing . Because of the mental strength the martial arts develops, students get so absorbed in the class, their problems seem a million miles away. The best part is you'll think clearer, sharper and with more confidence than ever before.


We all know that when you look good, you feel good. Imagine adding, "And I know how to take care of myself," to the equation. There is no better feeling than knowing that you are in great shape and can defend yourself if you ever had to.


We understand that our students are not training for a real kickboxing match. Most just want to have fun and get in the best shape of their lives. That is why we use the latest, most progressive teaching methods available.


Your first class will be a private session with a Muay Thai Kickboxing Instructor. The session will allow you to pin down your goals, with feedback from a professional:

Are you training for self-defense?
Are you just looking to improve your fitness level and drop a few pounds?

You will spend about 45 minutes learning the basics behind the Muay Thai fighting style, putting you on the fast-track to get ready for regular classes and giving you a good idea as to what to expect, and to what it will take to be successful.

If you already have experience, the instructor will use the session to determine your level of competency in order to ensure you receive the proper training once you start regular classes.

To register for the Student Trial, please do one of two things right now:

Pick up the phone and call


We will answer any additional questions that you may have and schedule a special time with an instructor to work with you.OR


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WHY choose absolute martial arts?

At Absolute Martial Arts, we guide you through a step by step system of Muay Thai kickboxing. Muay Thai is an exciting, high-impact system that will provide you with valuable self-defense skills, while you get in great shape and have fun.

The secret of Absolute Martial Arts’ success lies behind the fantastic atmosphere in the school that is generated by the shared enthusiasm from both the instructors and students.

These are some of the keys to picking the right Muay Thai Kick boxing school. Many people wind up going to a poorly qualified school and having such a bad experience that martial arts is something that they give up on and never try again.

What most people don’t realize about martial arts is that getting the benefits of fitness and self-defense has as much to do with the instructor as the style itself. This is why finding a highly qualified Muay Thai school in St Louis is so important.

Absolute Martial Arts

  • World Class Striking: Our kickboxing coaches have been coached and trained extensively for years under world renowned Muay Thai trainer Master Toddy from Thailand. Our coaches have learned from the best and have applied it successfully in their instruction of students in both Muay Thai and Dutch Style Kickboxing.

  • A Structured Beginner's Only Course: When you start out at AMA, you will be going through a special beginner's only course. In this class, you will be learning from an organized curriculum that balances striking, blocking, footwork, head movement, pad work, and flexibility. The classes are designed to work at a pace that beginner's can absorb. The beginner's class also takes into account that you may be totally out of shape - one of its principal designs is to get you into good shape and allow you to train harder in the next level.

  • Student Safety: A common misconception about kickboxing training is that to learn effective kickboxing, you have to get into wild and crazy sparring matches. FALSE. At AMA, most of our students have families and jobs and can't afford to leave the gym with black eyes! The sparring that is done at AMA is optional and is done with utmost control. The idea is to train smart and have fun.

  • Great Customer Service: Above anything, this is what we take the most pride in. Our goal is to go above and beyond what you would expect from us. We are constantly trying to find new ways to please our students. It is hard to explain this because it is really the little things that makes our customer service stand out... you will notice it just from the way our staff will greet you when you arrive!

  • Clean Facility: Absolute Martial Arts is one of a kind. A 3600 square foot facility with two large mat areas, MMA wall cage, heavy bags, and more. Plus, we are the cleanest school in St Louis- we disinfect our mats with hospital grade disinfectant. We are one of the only gyms in St Louis that takes mat cleaning seriously.

  • Personalized Introductory Lesson: At AMA, we initially have you go through a private lesson with one of our certified Muay Thai instructors. They make sure that you have a good understanding of the techniques and moves that are involved in kickboxing, while going at a comfortable pace for yourself. This also helps you, as a new student, get acclimated into the actual group class.

Other "Boxing or Kickboxing Gyms"

  • Mediocre Striking: A lot of the so called Kickboxing gyms have aerobic class punch and kick the air style kickboxing. However, their striking is often mediocre at best. They never really learn how to strike in a live situation which makes them a non-qualified coach and then they pass it on to you!

  • Thrown to the Wolves: Many kickboxing programs mix you in with the regular class on your first day! Just think about it... how can someone teach a class of people who have been training for two to three years... and then teach you your first class at the same time? That is like getting a calculus and algebra class in one room and trying to teach both at the same time! Either the advanced guys are missing out or the beginners are missing out…

  • Brawling Time!: Many Kickboxing schools have this misconception that the only way to learn how to fight is to put on boxing gloves and swing for the fences. This is not true... and actually can be counter-productive, besides dangerous. Many gyms also lack the technique to spar with control and spar hard to compensate for their lack of technique. Brawling during training proves nothing and only hinders the learning process and injures people.

  • Customer Service?: The question mark is more fitting because most martial arts schools don't seem to even know what customer service is! Most schools have NO customer service. Egos, bad attitudes, and insecurities fuel bad customer service.

  • Inadequate or Dirty and small Facility: You need high QUALITY mats. Most schools have such small mat areas that you can't even start training on your feet, and even with their small mat area they are never clean... most gyms don't clean them! Some gyms that clean their mats only wipe them down with a wet towel, and without disinfectants! The gym needs to be sanitary for your health.

  • No Personalized Lesson: Most schools just have you jump into the class and let you fend for yourself in terms of learning the moves. A lot of the kickboxing schools out there do not have the patience, nor want to spend the time with new students.

All you have to do to get started is fill out the form below. You'll be taught the step-by-step basics of Muay Thai in your first lesson. Don’t worry, you won’t get thrown in the deep end. It’s a really relaxed environment, and you have nothing to worry about, except have a great time! Hope to see you here soon!